Stijn Wuyts receives Beatrice Tinsley Research Scholar Award

April 29, 2015
The Galaxies Research Group in the Department of Astronomy at UT Austin has elected MPE researcher Stijn Wuyts to receive the 2014-15 Beatrice Tinsley Research Scholar Award. This competitive award includes an invitation for a stay in Texas and to give a special talk at the University of Texas, Austin.
Stijn Wuyts

The Beatrice Tinsley Research Scholar award is designed to honour young scientists of great promise. The scholar for the Galaxies Research Group is expected to visit the Astronomy Department at UT Austin for a week, engage in stimulating interactions with members of the Galaxies group and the rest of the department, and give a colloquium on his research.

Stijn Wuyts is in Texas at the end of April and gives a talk on “Early Galaxies: Alive, Dead, Transitioning and/or Active”. He is a Junior Scientist at the Infrared Group of MPE and his research focuses on the evolution of galaxies since the peak of cosmic star formation, with an emphasis on their structure, stellar populations and dynamics. For this, he uses multi-wavelength observations with space- and ground-based telescopes out to high redshift, to constrain galaxy formation and transformation scenarios. With his colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin he will collaborate on building progenitor-descendant sequences of galaxies from the redshift frontier over cosmic noon to the present day.

This colour composite image shows a small part of the CANDELS mosaic. Stijn Wuyts uses this survey and other observations to study the stellar populations and structure of galaxies at a lookback time of about 10 billion years.


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