Made-to-measure (M2M) Particle Method NMAGIC

The goal of dynamical modeling is to recover from observational data the distribution of orbits for the galaxy's stars, and the gravitational potential in which they move. Through dynamical modeling, one can determine the mass of the supermassive black hole in the galaxy's center, or the amount of dark matter in its outskirts. (more on dynamical modelling here)

The idea of the made-to-measure (M2M) method is to find a particle model that faithfully represents the galaxy observations (see Syer & Tremaine, 1996, De Lorenzi, Debattista, Gerhard & Sambhus, 2007) i.e., when the particle model is "observed" in the same way as the galaxy, its surface density distribution and projected kinematics should match those of the galaxy. Once this is achieved, the model can be used to learn about the intrinsic structure of the galaxy. The parallel code NMAGIC is an implementation of a made-to-measure technique suitable for finding such a model from a given set of observational data, starting from an initial particle distribution. (more on the M2M method here)

We have used the M2M method for modelling the dynamics of elliptical galaxy halos and, more recently, the galactic bulge and bar.

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Regularizing made-to-measure particle models of galaxies

Lucia Morganti & Ortwin Gerhard, 2012, MNRAS, 422, 1571

Made-to-measure methods such as the parallel code NMAGIC have to solve underdetermined problems, where the number of constraints (photometric of kinematic observables) are usually much lower than the number of particle weights to define. A regularization method is therefore needed to make the method converge. Here we introduce a Moving Prior entropy Regularization method (MPR). The basic idea is to update the prior distribution needed by standard entropy regularization in parallel of the weight adaptation. The prior distribution is determined from the distribution of particles in phase-space. This allows one to construct smooth models from noisy data without erasing global phase-space gradients.

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