Various Bachelor and Master projects are available in the High-Energy group.

1) Master Project:

Cosmic Web Tomography (in collaboration with Dr. Celine Peroux, ESO and Observatoire de Marseille, France)

New generation of spectroscopic surveys offer for the first time the prospect to reconstruct the 3D structure of the cosmic web. Indeed, the properties of the intergalactic medium from observations of the neutral hydrogen Lyman-alpha absorptions observed in the spectra of high-redshift sources (the so-called Lyman-alpha forest) contain information about the underlying density field. The increasing density of background sources on the sky means that it will be possible to perform tomographic studies which allow to recover the cosmic web of walls and filaments. The goal of the master thesis is to inter-compare expectations from different observational strategies based on planned short and longer-term future facilities such as the 4MOST survey on the ESO/VISTA telescope.

Please contact Dr. Mara Salvato (mara "at" or Dr. Andrea Merloni (am "at" for further information.

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