THz Time-Domain Spectrometer (TDS)

The CAS laboratories is home to a THz Time-Domain Spectrometer (TDS1008, BATOP).

The TDS uses an ultrafast laser (λ=785 nm, Δtpulse=100 fs) which provides, in combination with high-performance photo-conductive antennas, a large spectral bandwidth (0.05–5 THz) and a high dynamic range (4 orders of magnitude) in signal. It is capable of pulse pump-probe delays up to 650 ps, and is thus compatible with a wide range of optically-active samples.

The instrument has built-in mounts for small samples, and it can also be interfaced to a closed cycle, ultra-low vibration cryostat (CS210SFg-GMX, Advanced Research Systems).

The vacuum chamber of the cryostat coupled to the THz spectrometer sample compartment at the Center for Astrochemical Studies.
Sketch of the THz TDS for the spectroscopy of ices. (a) A schematic of the set-up, (b) THz waveforms transmitted through the empty THz beam path or the THz beam path with the cryostat.
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