The Central Arcsecond

Towards testing general relativity in the Galactic Center




Workshop Format

To foster interactions and lively exchanges between participants, the format will provide ample opportunities for general and informal discussions. The attendance will be limited to a maximum of 65 people. The schedule will consist of a mixture of broader overview talks, focussed highlight talks and posters, and discussion sessions. A free afternoon is planned on Wednesday, October 31; options for excursions in the area around Ringberg will be available.

Further Information

Any question can be directed via email to the dedicated workshop account

International SOC

  • Jason Dexter
  • Frank Eisenhauer
  • Heino Falcke
  • Reinhard Genzel
  • Andrea Ghez
  • Stefan Gillessen
  • Daryl Haggard
  • Sera Markoff
  • Feryal Özel
  • Eliot Quataert
  • Re’em Sari

LOC (MPE, Germany)

  • Susanne Dengler
  • Adriane Richter
  • Jason Dexter
  • Stefan Gillessen
  • Felix Widmann
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