Nobel Laureate Reinhard Genzel talks with Harald Lesch

June 24, 2021

Interview of Nobel Laureate Reinhard Genzel with Harald Lesch at the Plenary Assembly of the 72th Annual Meeting of the Max Planck Society on 24.06.2021.

Interview with Harald Lesch

(in German)
As in the previous year, this year’s Annual Meeting of the Max Planck Society and its members and committees will be held as an online event. The highlights of the event: The Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Emmanuelle Charpentier, and the Nobel Laureate in Physics, Reinhard Genzel, will present their work at the Plenary Assembly, in conversation with Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim and Harald Lesch. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be honoured with the Harnack Medal. more

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