Observing the Universe in Motion:
5 Years of GRAVITY

Sunday to Saturday, October 23 to 29, 2022
Schloss Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany




Please remember to bring sufficient cash for the registration fee of EUR 200.00, payable at registration on Sunday, October 23. Payment is not possible by credit card and there is no ATM at the castle.




The purpose of this one-week conference is to bring together researchers from the interferometric community for an in-depth discussion on both the scientific and technical breakthroughs GRAVITY has enabled. This conference will emphasise GRAVITY’s ground-breaking observations along with the new, advanced analysis and modelling techniques that have been developed to extract the best science from the observations. With this emphasis, we aim for a fresh and efficient exchange of knowledge and ideas between scientific fields that are united through the use of near-infrared interferometry in general and GRAVITY in particular. In addition to focusing on GRAVITY past and present, we will further dedicate time to the new science and capabilities that will become available after GRAVITY is upgraded to GRAVITY+, which passed Phase A study in summer 2021 and was approved in late 2021.

In addition to GRAVITY, all of the scientific fields have also benefitted from other new interferometric instruments that provide high spatial resolution including MATISSE, ALMA, NOEMA, and the EHT. We plan to invite prominent researchers utilising these complimentary instruments to highlight and discuss the synergy between them and GRAVITY as well as to open discussion between the optical/near-infrared and radio interferometric communities about future technical advancements. The workshop will take place at Schloss Ringberg, in the Bavarian Alps, in the idyllic landscape near Lake Tegernsee. The venue offers all facilities for conferences in an ideal environment conducive to fruitful exchange of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

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