AGN Journal Club

Every Monday at 11:15, we will meet in the eROSITA Room (MPE 1.2.32) and discuss papers about Active Galactic Nuclei. Anyone interested can participate and volunteer to present a paper.

We are excited to invite you to join our newly formed AGN Journal Club, where we will meet (in person) to explore intriguing papers and foster lively discussions within our field. We believe this club will be an excellent opportunity to enhance our understanding of current and classic research, all while building a sense of community among your fellow AGN enthusiasts.

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Paper Selection: We encourage each member to select a paper during the week that they found interesting, regardless of its publication date. We want to explore topics that made you say, “hey, this is cool!”
  2.  Paper Presentation: The selected presenter will introduce the paper in 5-10 minutes, providing context, the main idea, and optionally, one result. A taste of the content is sufficient; others are free to read the paper afterwards.
  3.  Time Limit: To avoid fatigue, discussions will have a strict time limit of 20 minutes maximum.
  4.  Understanding: It’s perfectly fine not to grasp every detail of the paper; the effort to understand is valuable.
  5.  Questions: Post-docs and staff are kindly asked (but nevertheless forced) not to ask questions during presentations but can provide additional information.
  6.  Questioning Privileges: Post-docs and staff can, however, earn the right to ask questions by presenting a paper themselves. This valuable privilege lasts for two months.
  7.  Chairing Responsibilities: Organizing members (Sophia, Catarina, William, Johannes) will rotate as chairs.
  8.  Speaker Expectations: Speakers are not expected to be experts on the paper. If no one knows the answer to a question, the questioner can report back next week with the answer.
  9.  Volunteer for Presentations: We encourage everyone to volunteer to present papers. Get in touch with any of the chairs to set up the schedule.
  10.  Paper Selection: Papers can be classics, recent publications, or ones you’re already familiar with because they relate to your work.

We look forward to exploring exciting papers together!

If you have any doubts or if you want to present a paper, please get in touch with any of the organizers:

Catarina Aydar

Johannes Buchner

Sophia Waddell

William Roster

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