eROSITA Cosmology Presskit

February 14, 2024

Here you can find images and graphics for download for the cosmology results from the first eROSITA sky-survey data release.
You are free to use the visuals for your own eROSITA reporting, please give the appropriate credit with each visual.

A tour of galaxy clusters in eROSITA

This video shows both the full eROSITA cluster catalogue (see figure above) and a zoom to some well-known clusters, including the nearby Virgo cluster, the large overdense region of clusters known as the Shapley supercluster, the Centaurus cluster, the A3391/95 interacting cluster system, and finally, the Fornax cluster.

eROSITA clusters in 3D

In this animation, the eROSITA clusters are shown in 3 dimensions in a spherical coordinate system, where Galactic latitude and longitude and redshift are shown. Each dot is a cluster, with the colours indicating the redshift (see first figure).
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