MPG trainee award for Dennis Cziasto

August 01, 2012
This year, the Max Planck Society granted a trainee award to Cziasto Dennis for his outstanding achievements as an apprentice at the MPE, where he finished his training to become an industrial mechanic. Since 2007, the "Trainee Award of the Max Planck Society for outstanding achievements in vocational training" recognises not only outstanding professional and academic achievements but also remarkable social commitment during the training and personal development.

During his apprenticeship from September 2008 to February 2012, Dennis Ciasto has been involved in many different scientific projects at the MPE; in addition, he held the function as youth representative. He also supervised many interns, which allowed them to get an insight into the work of the institute.

Each year, the MPG awards up to 20 trainees whose “performance is a role model for other apprentices." Some 600 boys and girls do their apprenticeship at a Max Planck Institute. About 80 per cent of the Max Planck Institutes offer about 30 different training programmes. The very high quality standard of this education is demonstrated by the fact that the apprentices are often among the best in their final exams.

The trainee award comes with a bonus of 750 € as well as a certificate, which was presented to Cziasto Dennis by MPE-director Ralf Bender in the presence of the head of the training workshop, Richard Mayr.

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