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Workshop Venue

The venue for the workshop is Schloss Ringberg (Ringberg Castle), a turn of the century castle located in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, and overlooking the Tegernsee. Located about 70 km south of Munich, the Tegernsee is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and small resort villages. The peaceful location, meeting schedule, and attendance limit of 65 set by the capacity of the venue are all conducive to an informal workshop atmosphere offering many opportunities for stimulating discussion.

Travel to Munich

By air:
The Munich Franz-Josef Strauss Airport lies approximately 17 km and 30 km north-east of Garching and Munich, respectively. Most major carriers offer service to Munich, although often with stopovers involved on the more distant (North American, for example) routes. There are many cheap fares available if you shop around, and these will normally require staying over one Saturday night.

By train:
Munich Central Station can be reached from anywhere within Europe.

Travel to Schloss Ringberg

Conference bus:
We plan to hire a bus to take participants from the Munich airport to Ringberg Castle on Sunday 2 June. The bus will return participants to the airport on Saturday 8 June. People wishing to use this bus should indicate this on the web registration form; the departure times depend on demand. The bus departure times and locations will be given in the final announcement. If you plan to catch our bus at the subway (U-Bahn) station Studentenstadt and want to go there using the U6 from Marienplatz, please note that the U6 will be undergoing construction work (between "Studentenstadt" and "Kieferngarten") so there may be many announcements. However, the train does go to Studentenstadt.

By public transport:
From the airport, take the S8 or S1 to Donnersbergerbrücke (about 45 minutes). From Munich central station, take any S-Bahn with direction Pasing and exit at Donnersbergerbrücke. At Donnersbergerbrücke, change to the "Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB)" which runs an hourly service to Tegernsee (final destination). The BOB train is made up of three parts, each going to a different final destination. Please listen to the announcements on the platform and / or read the destinations given above the entrances to the train. Tegernsee train station is in the vicinity of Schloß Ringberg. You can take a taxi from there to the castle. You may look up the train connections online at the website of Deutsche Bahn (in English).

By taxi:
If booked in advance, Taxi Kaufmann (based in Rottach-Egern, close to Schloss Ringberg) has a special offer for 125 Euro one-way. Otherwise the cost for a taxi ride from the airport to Ringberg castle is between 130 and 150 Euro.

While trains and connections for public transport in the Munich area are comfortable, fast and easy to use, finding the correct ticket can be a challenge. If you travel from Munich airport to Tegernsee train station, the cheapest option is the "Bayern ticket" that you can buy at any ticket machine at the airport. For a single person it costs 22 € and every extra person pays 4 € additionally (up to five can travel with one ticket). If you travel from Munich central station to Tegernsee train station, the cheapest option is a regular ticket from Deutsche Bahn (11,40 €) if you travel alone or with one person; if you travel in groups of three or more, the cheapest option is the "BOB-MVV-Ticket" (25,00 € for up to five people).

By car: 
Schloß Ringberg is located about 70 km south-east of Munich. For those interested in driving directly to the castle, the Local Committee can send out detailed maps and instructions in advance of the workshop. Most major car rental companies have branches at the Munich Airport. Cars usually need to be reserved in advance, and rates are often more favorable if the cars are booked by an overseas travel agent. There is ample parking at the castle, and at the hotels in Kreuth-Weissach and Rottach-Egern near the castle. For those staying in Munich either before or after the workshop, note that parking can be a problem there and is often quite expensive as well.

Meals and Lodging

The LOC will pay for lodging and meals of participants for the duration of the workshop. We will arrange that everyone stay either at Ringberg Castle (which has rooms for 35-40 people) or at hotels in nearby villages. Lunch and dinner are provided for all participants at Ringberg Castle. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for meals and lodging for accompanying guests. Please send us an email asking about rates in this case. Vegetarian meals and other special dietary requests are happily accommodated provided advance notice is given. Please indicate these when filling in the web registration form.

Due to the limited recreational facilities up at the castle, those people traveling with accompanying persons and/or families are strongly recommended to stay in a hotel. For those staying in hotels daily transportation to the castle (about a 10 minute drive) will be provided by the LOC in the morning in time for the first session, and then again in the evening before dinner and back to the hotels after dinner and some socializing time.

Please indicate on the registration form whether you prefer to stay at the castle or at the hotel. We will try as much as possible to adhere to people's wishes for lodging, but it will probably not be possible for everyone to have his/her first choice. To those affected, we apologize, but we're sure that you'll find both accommodations to be very pleasant.


If you have any questions about logistics, please do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail at

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