Weekly HEG Meeting (Kaffeerunde)

The aim is to maintain the flow of information within the HE group.
Thursdays at 13.30, starting with 15min coffee+chat, normally in new Seminar room.

This page is a record and a planning tool to help us organize the meetings.
Forthcoming entries are provisional, please provide your inputs and suggestions !
Everyone is encouraged to contribute regularly. Please contact the Organizers if you want to.
Especially welcome: papers to be submitted, already submitted, or in press, your conference presentations (past or future), conference reports, hot news items, papers you found interesting, more general issues, anything you would like to discuss.
Aim at 15 min per contribution. PDFs will be collected and made available on this web page.

Organizers/Moderators: Thomas Boller, Arne Rau  


Talks :

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