IR Retreat 2013

Wednesday Nov 20
arrival at Ringberg, lunch 13:00
and check-in


Time Duration Speaker or Coordinator Title/Event
Introduction 14:30 0:10 welcome and logistics
14:40 0:40 Reinhard Genzel "State of the Union" of the IR group
Overview of Main Science Programs and Goals for a General Audience 15:20 0:30 Stefan Gillessen Galactic Center Science Overview
chair: Eckhard Sturm 15:50 0:30 COFFEE BREAK
16:20 0:30 Natascha Foerster Schreiber Galaxy Evolution Science Overview
16:50 0:30 Ric Davies Nearby AGN Science Overview
Mentoring and Gender Issues 17:20 0:20 Linda Tacconi Overview/main issues
in Science 17:40 0:30 Discussion
18:30 DINNER
20:00 Social event Movie night - current favorite: Dr Strangelove

Thursday Nov 21

Session Time Duration Speaker Title/Event
Highlight Presentations on New Developments 9:00 0:45 Andreas Schruba & Stijn Wuyts Coupling knowledge from nearby galaxies to galaxy evolution studies at high-z
Chair - Eckhard Sturm 9:45 0:55 Albrecht Poglitsch & Karl Schuster TES and KIDS developments
10:40 0:30 COFFEE BREAK
Coordinators: Natascha 11:10 1:20 PhD students Short presentations from PhD students
Foerster Schreiber & Ric Davies
12:30 LUNCH
Science Cases for Gravity
Coordinator: Frank Eisenhauer 14:00 0:20 Frank Eisenhauer GRAVITY Overview
14:20 0:20 Leonard Burtscher AGN (nearby, binary,…)
14:40 0:20 Oliver Pfuhl/Frank Eisenhauer GC: Stars inside S stars, flares
15:00 0:20 Pierre Kervella Stars, exoplanets and SF
15:20 0:40 COFFEE BREAK
16:00 0:20 Jason Dexter Issues and Opportunities for strong GRAVITY around SgrA*
16:20 0:40 Guy Perrin GRAVITY Science Cases - summary and discussion
17:20 Castle Tour
18:30 DINNER
Current Concerns of Students and Postdocs 19:30 1:30 Coordinators: Stijn Wuyts & Eva Wuyts
Location: Rote Salon

Friday, Nov 22

Session Time Duration Speaker Title/Event
ARGOS/LUCI science strategy 9:00 0:15 Gilles Orban de Xivry Luci & Argos capabilities
Chair: Dieter Lutz 9:15 1:00 Discussion leader: Dieter Lutz Strategy discussion: including 1 slide ideas from postdocs
10:15 0:40 COFFEE
Galactic Star Formation 10:55 1:30 Ewine van Dishoeck and group Overview of Galactic Star Formation
Chair: Ewine van Dishoeck 20+5 Ewine van Dishoeck From clouds to solar systems: overview of recent results and future directions
10 Davide Fedele H2O and OH in protoplanetary disks with Herschel
10 Thomas Mueller TNOs are cool; ice/rock ratios
20+5 Simon Bruderer Analysis tools for galactic and extragalactic astronomy
10 Anna Miotello CO isotopologs in protoplanetary disks
10 Agata Karska Cooling budget from low to high mass protostars
12:30 LUNCH
Essential Elements for 14:00 Murray Cameron, Karl Schuster Panel discussion - with short introduction from each panel member
a Career in Industry/Science Markus Plattner, Josef Schubert
15:30 0:30 COFFEE
Elements for successful career in 16:00 1:30 Panel Discussion with "the seniors" Short introduction of the main issues
research/academia (Reinhard, Ewine, Amiel, Linda, Dieter...) - followed by questions to the panel and discussion
18:30 Bayerisches Buffet DINNER
20:00 Hexenzimmer

Saturday, Nov 22

8:00 BREAKFAST and Checkout


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