The Central Arcsecond:
Towards Testing General Relativity in the Galactic Center
Sunday to Saturday, October 28 — November 3, 2018
Schloss Ringberg, Bavaria, Germany

Please remember to bring sufficient cash for the registration fee of 200.00 EUR, payable at registration on Sunday, Oct. 28. Payment is not possible by credit card and there is no ATM at the Castle.

The next few years present an exciting opportunity to probe extreme physics near Sgr A* using orbiting stars and accreting / outflowing gas. The pericenter passage of the star S2/S0-2 marks 2018 as a particularly exciting time. The purpose of this international workshop is to discuss recent observational results, including from millimeter and near-infrared long baseline interferometry experiments, in the context of state of the art stellar dynamics and accretion theory.

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