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Conference Paper (58)

Conference Paper
Rau, A.; Kienlin, A. v.; Hurley, K.; Lichti, G. G.: The sample of gamma-ray bursts observed with SPI-ACS. In: INTEGRAL Science Workshop, pp. 607 - 613 (Ed. Battrick, B.). Proceedings of the 5th INTEGRAL Workshop, Munich, Germany, February 16, 2004 - February 20, 2004. ESA Publications Division, Noordwijk, Netherlands (2004)
Conference Paper
Schwarz, R.; Schwope, A. D.; Staude, A.; Urrutia, T.; Rau, A.; Hasinger, G.: RX J0524+42: A new asynchronous magnetic CV. In: Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables: IAU Colloquium 190, pp. 230 - 236 (Eds. Vrielmann, S.; Cropper, M.). Magnetic cataclysmic variables : IAU colloquium 190, Cape Town, South Africa, December 08, 2002 - December 13, 2002. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco (2004)
Conference Paper
Deluit, S.; Kienlin, A. v.; Lichti, G.; Rau, A.: Gamma-ray bursts study with the anti-coincidence shield of integral/SPI. In: Scientific Highlights 2003, pp. 469 - 472 (Ed. Guthathakurta, P.). Scientific Highlights 2003, Bordeaux, France, June 16, 2002 - June 20, 2002. EDP Sciences, Les Ulis, France (2003)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Rau, A.: Gamma-ray bursts: a population study. Dissertation, Technische Universität, München (2005)

Working Paper (2)

Working Paper
Jonker, P.; O’Brien, P.; Amati, L.; Atteia, J.-L.; Campana, S.; Evans, P.; Fender, R.; Kouveliotou, C.; Lodato, G.; Osborne, J. et al.; Piro, L.; Rau, A.; Tanvir, N.; Willingale, R.: Luminous extragalctic transients. The hot and energetic universe (2013), 7 pp.
Working Paper
Rau, A.; Meidinger, N.; Nandra, K.; Porro, M.; Barret, D.; Santangelo, A.; Schmid, L.; Strüder, L.; Tenzer, C.; Wilms, J. et al.; Amoros, C.; Andritschke, R.; Aschauer, F.; Bähr, A.; Günther, B.; Fürmetz, M.; Ott, B.; Perinati, E.; Rambaud , D.; Reiffers, J.; Treis, J.; Kienlin, A. v.; Weidenspointner, G.: The wide field imager (WFI) for Athena+. The hot and energetic universe (2013), 9 pp.

Report (1)

Merloni, A.; Predehl, P.; Becker, W. E.; Böhringer, H.; Boller, T.; Brunner, H.; Brusa, M.; Dennerl, K.; Freyberg, M.; Friedrich, P. et al.; Georgakakis, A.; Haberl, F.; Hasinger, G.; Meidinger, N.; Mohr, J.; Nandra, K.; Rau, A.; Reiprich, T.H.; Robrade, J.; Salvato, M.; Santangelo, A.; Sasaki, M.; Schwope, A.; Wilms, J.; Hasinger, G.; Nandra, K.: eROSITA science book: mapping the structure of the energetic universe. Max-Planck-Institut für extraterretrische Physik, Garchin (2012), 82 pp.
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