ABRIXAS was a national X-ray satellite with seven 27-fold nested Wolter-1 telescopes, sharing one 6 × 6 cm2 pn-CCD detector (copy of the EPIC camera developed for XMM-Newton) in the focus. Launched on April 28, 1999 ABRIXAS was supposed to perform the first complete all-sky survey with imaging telescopes in the medium energy X-ray range (0.5 - 15 keV). A three-years scanning mission was planned to detect at least 10.000 new hard X-ray sources obscured by gas and dust clouds and to study diffuse X-ray sources and bright time-variable X-ray sources.
Due to a failure of the on-board batteries, the mission ended already few days after launch without any scientific data taken.

Launch April 28, 1999
End of Mission July 12, 1999
Status total loss

MPE Participation:

  • Satellite
  • Telescopes
  • Detectors


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