LMS - LUCI Mask Making Software

05.10.2011: Version 162 of the package can be downloaded here. The file names of the saved LUCI masks now start with "luci" instead of "mos" to avoid confusion with MODS mask files.

Version 162 should be used from 2011B on.

LMS is based on ESO's FIMS, so users of FIMS will feel right at home. Installation on Linux systems is trivial (see the README file). The manual is included in this package, as is version 2.7.3 of ESO's Skycat.

LMS will also work on Mac OSX. Just replace the Skycat binary by the one for Mac OSX (versions 3.0 and 3.1.2 work).

Do not forget to set the environment variables for the LMS installation directory (LMSROOT).

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