Our field of competence includes:

Mechanical manufacturing

  • Manufacturing of precision components made of different metallic and non-metallic materials on Conventional lathes, milling and drilling machines up to five-axis CNC milling machining centres mainly according to technical drawings of our Engineering Department.
  • Creation of CNL manufacturing programs on CAD | CAM workstations.

Welding and bending technology

  • Manufacturing of experiment components, devices and units mainly consisting of aluminium and stainless steel with oxy-fuel, electric, point - and TIG welding equipment.
  • Production of complex sheet metal bending parts on folding and round bending machine.

Plastics and adhesive technology

  • Dealing with plastic and adhesives for the aerospace.
  • Adhesive work on highly sensitive parts of the experiment, detectors and sensors.
  • Manufacturing of Super insulation mats for testing and experiments.

Wood technology

  • Production of wooden models, test setups and transport devices.
  • Construction and installation of special equipment for laboratory usage.

Cleaning and quality control

Cleaning of components in ultrasonic tank for vacuum operation.

  • Measurement of parts with 3D measuring arm with supporting measurement software.
  • Surface inspection with microscopes and rough depth gauge.

Installation and integration

  • Instrument integration in cooperation with the Engineering Department in our integration and clean rooms, testing facilities or the large telescopes on site.

Work preparation

  • Acquisition and supply of materials, technical elements and tools.
  • Production supervision in connection with internal clients and external companies.


  • Training as an industrial mechanic, specialised in fine instrument making.
  • Implementation of school and student internships.
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