General Information

Description and Aim of the Workshop

The central theme of the workshop will be the detailed physics driving galaxy evolution at sub-galactic scales. The workshop will focus on progress in our understanding of how galaxies assemble and take shape from state-of-the-art observational and theoretical developments. The newest generation of novel instrumentation such as NOEMA, ALMA, KMOS, MUSE, and MOSFIRE are now bringing high multiplex and high efficiency observations of large samples of distant galaxies, with new insights and challenges emerging from more complete and comprehensive surveys. In parallel, increasingly sophisticated cosmological simulations and theoretical models can now make testable predictions of the relevant properties in sufficient detail to match these types of empirical data sets. The workshop will bring together researchers from both the observational and theoretical/simulations communities. The meeting will also be an opportunity to highlight new results from resolved studies at low redshift, and to pave the way for future detailed studies at high redshift that will be routinely carried out with the next generation observatories, such as the JWST, E-ELT, TMT, and GMT.

Outline of Topics

  1. Dynamics, structure, angular momentum, and cold gas content of galaxies.
  2. Metallicity and physical conditions of the gas: population censuses and detailed distributions within galaxies.
  3. The interplay between gas accretion, star formation, and outflows in regulating the early evolution of galaxies.
  4. Scaling relations and the transition from star-forming to quiescent galaxies.

Workshop Format

To foster interactions and lively exchanges between participants, the format will provide ample opportunities for general and informal discussions. The attendance will be limited to a maximum of 65 people. The schedule will consist of a mixture of broader overview talks, focussed highlight talks and posters, and discussion sessions. A free afternoon is planned on Wednesday, November 2; options for excursions in the area around Ringberg will be available on workshop website about a month before the meeting.

Further Information

Any question can be directed via email to the dedicated workshop account

International SOC

  • Richard Bower (Durham, UK)
  • Françoise Combes (IAP, France)
  • Richard Ellis (ESO, Germany)
  • Lisa Kewley (ANU, Australia)
  • Tadayuki Kodama (NAOJ, Japan)
  • Simon Lilly (ETHZ, Switzerland)
  • Thorsten Naab (MPA, Germany)
  • Alvio Renzini (INAF/Oss. di Padova, Italy)
  • Romain Teyssier (Univ. Zürich)

Local SOC and LOC (MPE, Germany)
  • Natascha M. Förster Schreiber
  • Linda J. Tacconi
  • Reinhard Genzel
  • Dieter Lutz
  • Sirio Belli
  • Rebecca Davies
  • Susanne Dengler
  • Susanne Harai-Ströbl
  • Rodrigo Herrera-Camus
  • Erica J. Nelson
  • Ken'ichi Tadaki
  • Hannah Übler
  • Emily Wisnioski
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