Programme - For the Nobel Week 2020

December 05, 2020

Saturday 5 December - Sunday13 December

  • Nobel Week Lights

Nobel Week Lights is an artistic tribute to this year's Nobel Laureates. The light installations will be shown in Stockholm during the Nobel Week from December 5-13 at locations including the Stockholm City Hall, Sergels torg, Konserthuset Stockholm, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, the Stockholm City Museum and Nobel Prize Museum.

Monday - 7 December

  • 13:00    Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine

presenting the awarded scientific work of Laureates Professor Harvey J. Alter, Professor Michael Houghton and Professor Charles M. Rice

Hepatitis C: The Beginning, The Middle and Possibly The End - Harvey J. Alter

The discovery of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) genome - Michael Houghton

Hepatitis C: From discovery to eure - Charles M. Rice

The lectures will be streamed on­ streams-2020/

  • 17:00    Nobel Lecture in Literature

A text version of Louise Glück's lecture will be published at, see: https:/(

Tuesday- 8 December

  • 09:00    Nobel Lectures in Physics

presenting the awarded scientific work of Laureates Sir Roger Penrose, Professor Reinhard Genzel and Professor Andrea Ghez

Welcome address by Dan Larhammar, President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Black Holes, Cosmology, and Space-Time Singularities - Roger Penrose

A Forty Year Journey - Reinhard Genzel

From the Possibility to the Certainty of a Supermassive Black Hole -Andrea Ghez

The lectures will be streamed on­ streams-2020/

  • 11:00    Nobel Lectures in Chemistry

presenting the awarded scientific work of Laureates Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier and Professor Jennifer A. Doudna

For the development of a method for genome editing - Emmanuelle Charpentier

The Chemistry of CRISPR: Editing the Code of Life - Jennifer A. Doudna

The lectures will be streamed on­ streams-2020/

  • 13:00    Nobel Lectures in Economic Sciences

presenting the awarded scientific work of Laureates Professor Paul M. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson

Auction Theory Evolving: Theorems and Applications - Paul R. Milgrom

Strategic Analysis of Auction Markets - Robert B. Wilson

Nobel lectures will be streamed on­ live-streams-2020/

  • 18:00    Ceremonial presentation of the 2020 Nobel Prize medal and diploma

The Nobel Prize medal and diploma will be presented by Ambassdor Per Thöresson at the Bayerische Staatskanzlei, Munich.

Nobelpreisträger Reinhard Genzel: Der Herr der schwarzen Löcher
Auch wenn 2020 die feierliche Nobelpreis-Zeremonie in Stockholm coronabedingt ausfällt, so werden die Preisträger doch in ihren Heimatländern geehrt. In München nimmt heute der Astrophysiker Reinhard Genzel den Physik-Nobelpreis entgegen.
Live auf BR24 ab 17:48 more
  • 19:00    Nobel Prize Concert

The Nobel Prize Concert at Konserthuset Stockholm (the Stockholm Concert Hall) will feature conductor Stephane Deneve leading the Royal Stockholm Philharmonie Orchestra. The soloist is pianist Igor Levit.

Wednesday - 9 December

  • 13:00-16:30      Nobel Week Dialogue

The theme of this year's Nobel Week Dialogue is 'The Challenge of Learning: The Future of Education'. Nobel Laureates and experts will discuss online how education can help create a better future.

  • 16:00    Press Conference

Digital press conference at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences featuring three of this year's Laureates in Physics, Chemistry and Economic Sciences. One Laureate from each respective prize discipline will speak via video link: Andrea Ghez (Physics), Emmanuelle Charpentier (Chemistry) and Paul Milgrom (Economic Sciences). The discussion will be moderated by Göran K. Hansson, Secretary General of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.­ med-nobel-och-ekonomipristagare

Thursday-10 December

  • Nobel Prize Award Ceremony

In Stockholm, the Nobel Foundation will pay tribute to this year's Laureates in a ceremony in the Golden Hall at the Stockholm City Hall. Speeches by Carl­ Henrik Heldin, Chairman of the Nobel Foundation, and by members of the prize-awarding institutions in the same order as the prize categories are stated in Alfred Nobel's will:

Physics - Professor Ulf Danielsson

Chemistry - Professor Claes Gustafsson

Physiology or Medicine - Professor Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam

Literature - Professor Anders Olsson

Economic Sciences - Professor Tommy Andersson

will be interwoven with the ceremonial presentations in the Laureates' home countries. H.M. the King of Sweden will participate in the form of a digital greeting. The ceremony will be framed by musical interludes. Stefan Forsberg, Executive and Artistic Director of Konserthuset Stockholm (Stockholm Concert Hall) will serve as master of ceremonies, with the performances directed by Linus Fellbom.

The broadcast from the Golden Hall at the Stockholm City Hall can be watched worldwide via the official Nobel Prize digital channels.

  • NobelMinds

produced by Swedish Television and BBC World, moderated by Cecilia Gralde. A round-table discussion with Andrea Ghez, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Michael Houghton, World Food Programs Assistant Director Valerie Guarnieri and Paul R. Milgrom on what we can learn from the pandemic, the mysteries of life and the future. search for Snillen spekulerar.

Can be streamed on from December 17.

Monday-14 December

  • 16:00-17:30      A virtual School visit

to Nacka gymnasium (senior high school), arranged by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. A short lecture followed by Q&A with the pupils.

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