Andreas Burkert

Leader (MPG-Fellow) Dark matter, galaxy formation and evolution, physics of the ISM,
star formation, galactic nuclei, computational astrophysics

Matías Blanã Díaz


Stellar and galactic dynamics, Barred galaxies, Andromeda (M31), Dwarf spheroidal galaxies, Star clusters, N-body simulations, Made-to-measure modelling

Marc Schartmann


Physics of gas and dust tori in Active Galactic Nuclei: radiative transfer calculations (MC3D), (radiation) hydrodynamic simulations (PLUTO/TRAMP), study of turbulence, clumpy torus models

Christian Alig

Numerical Simulations of the formation and evolution of turbulent gaseous discs
and ring inside galactic centres
Manuel Behrendt The Formation and Evolution of Galaxies at High-Redshifts
Former Group Members  
Alessandro Ballone
Stellar wind feedback in Galactic Nuclei, evolution of AGN tori in nearby Seyfert galaxies
Clare Dobbs
Simulations of Galactic Discs, GMC formation, Formation of star clusters in galaxies
Michaela Hirschmann Origin of the anti-hierarchical growth of black holes in the universe

Martin Krause


Current project: radiation hydrodynamics at opacity transitions / energy transport in
molecular tori. Other research interests: the role of activity in galaxy evolution,
multiphase turbulence, astrophysical jets, magnetic fields in galaxy clusters (SKADS)





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