PUMA Test Facility at MPE

Besides the Panter facility in Neuried, the MPE operates a smaller X-ray facility (called PUMA) at MPE in Garching. PUMA consists of a 6 meter long vacuum tube (vacuum better than 2 * 10-7 mbar) with an X-ray source on one side and a door with 1,6m diameter on the opposite side (which resides in a cleancoom class 100). The X-ray source is a multi-target source for line energies between 0.28 keV (Carbon) and 8 kev (Copper). The tank is equipped with a 5-axis manipulator (x,y,z, 500 mm each, rot-h, rot-v) which can be operated via software from the outside. The manipulator can be used to carry different objects like targets, blinds, monitor detectors or detectors to be tested. A Stirling cooler can be used, if necessary, to operate detectors. Control and monitoring of PUMA and all of the instruments is fully computerized. Additional instruments as for example mass spectrometers, monitor detectors, an electron gun etc. are available. PUMA is very versatile and is used (among other things):

  • Reflectivity measurements on mirror samples
  • Complete focusing X-ray optics
  • Test and calibration of X-ray detectors, e.g. for eROSITA
  • Test of the eROSITA electron deflectors (using the electron gun rather than the X-ray source)
  • Cryo-tests of eROSITA heatpipes

(PUMA is an enhanced version of the ZETA test facility)










Figure 5a/b: The manipulator inside consists of three identical translation stages with 500 mm each and two rotation stages. All are equipped with stepper motors and linear or angle encoders.
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