Reasearch Highlights 2000 - 2001

A Collection of Research Results and Highlights
as Presented to the Fachbeirat 2002

This collection of MPE's scientific results and projects of the years 2000 and 2001 was produced for the MPE Scientific Advisory Board Meeting of 17 to 19 June 2002 (Scientific Advisory Board ). Its intention is to give a comprehensive overview and a somewhat more detailed information on scientific results, ongoing projects and data analysis spanning the years 2000 and 2001 in a fashion that is complemetary to the format of the Annual Reports.
The scientific (in some cases also the technical) personnel involved in a specific research is clearly identified and solely responsible for the content of the abstract.
No attempt was made to balance the contributions from the groups, or to achieve any kind of completeness.

Each highlight is presented in the form of a mini-poster.
The file format is, if not otherwise noted, postscript.
Almost all postscript files have been "zipped" (compressed).

The Distant Universe

Resolving the X-Ray Background with Chandra (533 kb)
XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the Lockman Hole Field & the Population of Type-2 QSO (327 kb)
Kinematics in the Hubble Deep Field South (241 kb)
Simulated Infrared Skies (256 kb)
NORAS II: A New X-Ray Selected Galaxy Cluster Survey in the Northern Sky (1.9 Mb)
FORS Deep Field and Galaxy Evolution (243 kb)
Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing in the FORS Deep Field (247 kb)
MUNICS I: A Near Infrared Cluster Survey (1.8 Mb)
MUNICS II: Galaxy Evolution to z ~ 1 (306 kb)
Evolution of High-Redshift Disk Galaxies (1.3 Mb)
Spatially Resolved mm-Interferometry of the z=2.8 Submm Galaxy SMM02399-0136 (pdf; 440 kb)
Dust and Molecular Gas in CB58 (298 kb)
Dust Emission from Lyman Break Galaxies (217 kb)
Host Galaxies in Faint High-Redshift QSOs (332 kb)
Identification of Submm and mm Sources (221 kb)
Finding Faint Galaxies near Bright Stars (1.4 Mb)
GRB 011121: A Lightcurve Bump, but no Supernova? (pdf; 91 kb)
CO in a Star-Forming Galaxy at z = 1.44 (263 kb)

Active Galactic Nuclei and Quasi-Stellar Objects

Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxy Centers (986 kb)
Infrared Search for Hidden Broad Line Regions (245 kb)
Mid-Infrared Line Diagnostics of Active Galaxies (214 kb)
H2 Emission from Active Galaxies (235 kb)
Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: QSOs in Formation? (pdf; 241 kb)
Soft X-Ray Absorption in GB 1428+4217 (pdf; 583 kb)
XMM-Newton study of the ULIRG NGC 6240 (261 kb)
NGC 6240: Local Key Representative and Pathfinder to the high-z Universe of ULIRGs (559 kb)
Discovery of Sharp Spectral Features at ~ 7 keV (pdf; 69 kb)
X-Ray Transient Galaxies and AGN (29 kb)
Soft X-Ray Properties of a Spectroscopically Selected Sample of Interacting and Isolated Seyfert Galaxies (286 kb)
Ionized Absorption and Dust: from Nearby Seyfert Galaxies to High-Redshift Quasars (212 kb)
A new X-Ray Probe for Supermassive Black Holes in `non-active' Galaxies (438 kb)
AGN Spectra from ROSITA (255 kb)
ROSAT Source Catalogs of Pointed Observations (441 kb)
Spectral Variability of 3C 379 at Gamma-Ray Energies (265 kb)
The MEV Properties of 3C 273 (254 kb)
A New Unidentified Variable COMPTEL Source (230 kb)
COMPTEL Observations of 3 Gamma-Ray Blazars (272 kb)
MeV Properties of Unidentified EGRET Sources (252 kb)

Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

The Coma Cluster of Galaxies observed by XMM-Newton (347 kb)
X-Ray Luminosity Function of the Coma Galaxies (1.6 Mb)
X-ray Measurement of Dark Matter "Temperature" (227 kb)
A new Measurement of the X-Ray Temperature Function of Clusters of Galaxies (219 kb)
The Cosmic Matter Density from X-Ray Clusters of Galaxies (222 kb)
The New Emerging Model for Cluster Cooling Flows (350 kb)
Probing the Origin of the Extreme Luminosities of Luminous Infrared Galaxies using ISO (226 kb)
Ultra-luminous Infrared Galaxies: Ellipticals in Formation? (pdf; 254 kb)
The Dark Halos of Elliptical Galaxies (239 kb)
The Epoch(s) of Elliptical Galaxy Formation (269 kb)
The Ages and the Metallicities of Elliptical Galaxies (259 kb)
The Origin of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies (262 kb)
NIR Spectroscopy of ULIRGs (240 kb)
ISOCAM-CVF Spectroscopy of ULIRGs (274 kb)
The [CII] 158µm line deficit in ULIRGS (304 kb)
H2 Excitation in ULIRGs (227 kb)
Massive Star Evolution in Starburst Galaxies (227 kb)
N-band Imaging of the Starburst Galaxy He 2-10 (234 kb)
A MIR Spectroscopic Atlas of Starburst Galaxies (218 kb)
Investigating X-Ray Halos of External Galaxies (1.1 Mb)
Ices in External Galaxies (241 kb)
The Bar Pattern Speed in NGC 1068 (297 kb)
Dynamical Evidence for a Double Nucleus in M83 (272 kb)
X-Ray Source Population Study of M33 (1.6 Mb)
WeCAPP: Exploring MACHOs in M31 by Pixellensing (284 kb)
The Cooling of the Atomic Gas in Normal Spirals (283 kb)
Globular Clusters: a Key to Galaxy Evolution (232 kb)
Starformation History through Fossil Records (479 kb)
Masses and Evolution of Young Star Clusters (538 kb)
Low Mass Stars in NGC 3603 (305 kb)
Hot ISM of the Magellanic Clouds (2.0 Mb)
AGN as Probes for the Interstellar Medium in the LMC (1.3 Mb)
The EFAR Project (247 kb)
COMPTEL Skymaps from the Full Mission (228 kb)

Our Galaxy, the Interstellar Medium and Supernova Remnants

Proper Motions in the Galactic Center (446 kb)
The Milky Way Galaxy -- its Local Fossil Record (213 kb)
Galactic Bulge Seen in 1.275 MeV Gamma-Ray Line (pdf; 75 kb)
Nonthermal X- & Gamma-Rays from the Galactic Ridge (224 kb)
Imaging of 26Al Nucleosynthesis (pdf; 5.6 Mb)
26Al Nucleosynthesis in the Orion Region (pdf; 298 kb)
26Al Nucleosynthesis in Cygnus (pdf; 396 kb)
1.275 MeV Gamma-Ray Line of 22Na Detected from Classical Nova (pdf; 396 kb) (+)
Detection of Interstellar CH3 (224 kb)
ISO Spectroscopy of Galactic HII Regions (254 kb)
The Flying Saucer: a New Edge-On Circumstellar Dust Disk at the Periphery of the Rho-Ophiuchi Dark Cloud (357 kb)
The Interstellar Dust viewed through X-Rays (570 kb)
The Local Bubble and the Galactic Halo (384 kb)
Stochastic SNR and Galactic Gamma Rays (244 kb)
Galactic SNR Candidates in the RASS (331 kb)
Spectroscopic Diversity of SN Ia from XMM (227 kb)
X-Ray Observation of SN 1993J (250 kb)
Supernova 1998bu Gamma-Rays (pdf; 314 kb)
X-Ray Spectra of the Supernova Remnant RX J0852-4622 (pdf; 137 kb)
Gamma-Ray Emission of the Crab Nebula (pdf; 157 kb)
The Origin of Fragment-A of the Vela Supernova Remnant (980 kb)
The Elements' Spatial Distribution in the Tycho SN (897 kb)
Pulsar-Wind Nebula of PSR B00656+14 Revealed by Chandra (230 kb)

Stellar Remnants, Stars and Planets

The first COMPTEL Source Catalogue (eps; 590 kb)
COMPTEL Source near GC: an MeV micro-quasar? (216 kb)
X-Ray/Optical Correlations in the Black Hole Candidate System KV UMa (pdf; 213 kb)
The Soft Gamma-Ray Spectral Variability of Cygnus X-1 (eps; 512 kb)
Optical Timing Observations of Cataclysmic Variables (pdf; 377 kb)
The Isolated Neutron Star RXJ1856.5-3754 (379 kb)
Radio-silent Neutron Stars in Young SNRs (996 kb)
Chandra Observations of the Enigmatic Pulsar 1E 1207.4-5209 (252 kb)
X-Ray Emission of the Vela Pulsar Resolved with Chandra (241 kb)
High-Energy Emission of the Crab Pulsar (pdf; 196 kb)
Optical Polarimetry of the Crab Pulsar (pdf; 166 kb)
Chandra Observations of the Millisecond Pulsar J0437-4715 (254 kb)
XMM-Newton Observations of Intermediate Polars (345 kb)
X-ray spectroscopy of YY Gem (912 kb) (+)
Testing Pre-Main Sequence Tracks (307 kb)
Understanding Flare Stars (286 kb)
Molecular Cloud Survey and the Origin of the Isolated T Tauri Stars in Lupus (1.5 Mb)
X-Ray Emission from Adolescent Stars (345 kb)
Search for new Members of the young TW Hya Association (588 kb)
X-Ray Emission from Young, very Low-Mass Objects (219 kb)
Rotational Periods of very young Brown Dwarfs (249 kb)
Discovery of the First Extrasolar Planet in an Earth--like Orbit (408 kb)
Giant Planet Formation (1.0 Mb)

Sun and Solar System

Asteorids and Comets in ISO Surveys (278 kb)
Asteorids as far-infrared Standards (215 kb)
Charge Exchange Signatures in Cometary X-Ray Spectra (574 kb)
Discovery of X-Rays from Venus with Chandra (521 kb)
The First Million Years of the Sun (226 kb)
A C4 class Solar Flare with Nuclear Gamma Ray Line Emission (pdf; 166 kb)
Plasma - Neutral Gas - Dust Simulations: The Magnetization of the Early Solar System (211 kb)
The Acceleration of He Ions of Solar and Interstellar Origin (pdf; 433 kb)
Magnetosphere -- Ionosphere Coupling (434 kb)
Visible Auroral Arcs and Ion Beams (pdf; 595 kb)
Double Layer Structure in Aurorae (pdf; 91 kb)
Cluster EDI Observes ULF Waves over the Polar Cab (404 kb)
Oxygen Beams in the Cusp and Polar Cap (pdf; 494 kb)
Modelling the Magnetopause (233 kb)
Magnetopause and Boundary Layer Thickness (284 kb)
Percolation of Charged Particles in 2D Magnetic Fields (eps; 342 kb)
Magnetic Mirror Mode: A `Superconducting' State (eps; 1.0 Mb)
Electron Mirror Mode: Full-Particle Simulation (eps; 653 kb)
Debye Shielding in Superthermal Plasma (pdf; 54 kb)

Complex Plasmas

Plasma Crystal Experiments on the International Space Station (pdf; 444 kb)
Effective Potential inside the `Void' (175 kb)
Thermophoresis in the Quark-Gluon Plasma (214 kb)

Laboratory Experiments

Dissociation of Multiply Ionized Molecules (432 kb)


Technical Groups at MPE (4.8 Mb)
Electrical Department (510 kb)
Mechanical Engeneering (385 kb)
The Fast Timing Photo-Polarimeter OPTIMA (pdf; 172 kb)
OmegaCAM (5.5 Mb)
Astro-wise (6.6 Mb)
GRBs: Pathfinder to the High-Redshift Universe (pdf; 156 kb)
Photodetector Array Camera & Spectrometer (PACS) for the ESA Herschel Space Observatory (pdf; 259 kb)
SPIFFI Integral Field Spectrometer (4.4 Mb)
Stressed Ge:Ga Detector Arrays for PACS and FIFILS (pdf; 31 kb)
Far Infrared GaAs BIB Arrays (pdf; 943 kb)
LBT Instrumentation: LUCIFER MOS (916 kb)
VLT Instrumentation : CONICA (985 kb)
PARSEC -- the Laser for the VLT (1.7 Mb)
VLT 2nd Generation Instrumentation: KMOS (11.4 Mb)
The X-Ray Observatory XMM-Newton (3.7 Mb)
The EPIC pn-Camera on Board XMM-Newton (1.8 Mb)
The Data Center of the X-Ray Group (225 kb)
MPE Contributions to the XMM-Newton SSC (237 kb)
The Data Product Screening System: Validation and Verification of XMM-Newton PPS Products (pdf; 32 kb)
ROSITA Röntgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array (3.1 Mb)
The X-Ray Camera for ROSITA (523 kb)
Frame Store PN-CCD Detector for the ROSITA Mission (287 kb)
Active Pixel Sensors for the XEUS Wide Field Imager (pdf; 130 kb)
Relaxation Oscillation Phenomena in Cryogenic Si-Diodes (eps; 520 kb)
The Chandra X-Ray Observatory (4.1 Mb)
The PANTER X-Ray Test Facility (5.7 Mb)
The PUMA X-Ray Test Facility (2.1 Mb)
MPI Semiconductor Laboratory (pdf; 1.9 Mb)
Spectrometer SPI on INTEGRAL (pdf; 398 kb)
GLAST Burst Monitor (GBM) (239 kb)
Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope `GLAST - LAT' The Large Area Telescope (ppt; 34 kb)
MEGA: A next Generation Telescope for Medium Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy (pdf; 160 kb)
Far-Infrared Field-Imaging Line Spectrometer (FIFI LS) for SOFIA (pdf; 251 kb) (+)

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