March 1st, 2013

The PEP Team presents the first public data release (DR1) including all PEP blank fields and clusters.

The release is organized in a set of tgz archives: one tarball for each blank field, one including all PACS data of clusters of galaxies, and finally one containing SPIRE data for two clusters. See the internal linkFields section and the documentation for further details.

In the GOODS fields, we combine PEP and external linkGOODS-Herschel data, thus building the deepest far-IR images so far. The paper describing this combined dataset for the GOODS fields can be found below.



internal linkRead-Me file for PACS data

internal linkRead-Me file for SPIRE data

external linkLutz et al. (2011) PEP survey description paper

external linkMagnelli et al. (2013) paper, describing the combined PEP/GOODS-Herschel data of the GOODS fields


Blank Fields

internal linkCOSMOS tarball [1.9 Gb]
  NOTE: last update Dec 11th, 2015: red residual maps trimmed.

internal linkECDFS tarball [278 Mb]

internal linkEGS tarball [238 Mb]

internal linkLockman Hole tarball [177 Mb]

internal linkGOODS-N combined PEP/GOODS-Herschel data tarball [102 Mb]

internal linkGOODS-S combined PEP/GOODS-Herschel data tarball [197 Mb]


Cluster Fields

internal linkPACS Clusters tarball (including 12 clusters) [209 Mb]

internal linkSPIRE Clusters tarball (including 2 clusters) [3.0 Mb]


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