2019-02-11. PEP team and use of PEP public data by the community have provided up to now more than 200 refereed papers with already more than 10000 citations.

2013-03-01. !!! First full public data release !!! Maps, catalogs, and other products are now available for all fields. Check the PEP public data releases page.

2012-01-26. The PEP GOODS-N multi-wavelength catalog is now available. Check the PEP public data releases page.

2011-06-17. First data release: PEP SDP GOODS-N and Abell 2218 blind catalogs are now available. Check the PEP public data releases page.

2010-05-10. First publications: Herschel Science Demonstration results posted on the science arXiv. Check the PEP publications page.

2010-05-06. ESA Press Release: Herschel reveals galaxies in the GOODS fields in a brand new light.

2010-05-04. ESLAB 2010 conference: Herschel first results (Noordwijk). Several Science talks and posters presented by PEP.

2009-12-18. First results: Herschel Science Demonstration Phase Initial Results Workshop (Madrid): ESA SDP Workshop Page ; PEP presentation.

2009-12-16. Herschel Space Telescope uncovers the sources of the Cosmic Infrared Background (Press release at MPE: Deutsch / English).

2009-10-12. First Science Demonstration Phase (SDP) data received.

2007-06-27. Detailed phase-2 definition of PEP AORs completed and available via HSC Reserved observations-list search tool.

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