This page presents the templates built by external linkBerta et al. (2013), on the basis of the UV-FIR spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of Herschel galaxies in GOODS-N, GOODS-S and COSMOS. The distribution of galaxies in a carefully selected restframe ten-colors space has been reproduced using a superposition of multi-variate Gaussian modes. The classes of sources thus found were then complemented with rare objects, identified as outliers of the main classification scheme.

The median SED of each class was then fitted with a modified version of the {\sc magphys} code that combines stellar light, emission from dust heated by stars, and a possible warm dust contribution heated by an active galactic nucleus (AGN). The newly defined template library includes star forming galaxies with different levels of activity, on and off the so-called "main sequence" of star formation, type-1 and type-2 AGN with different AGN L(IR) fractions, as well as SEDs built on quiescent spirals, Herschel-detected ellipticals, and very blue z~1 Ly-break galaxies.

Please read the accompanying paper (Berta et al. 2013) for further details on each available template. The templates are provided in three flavors: a) normalized by L(IR), b) normalized by L(1.6 micron), and c) normalized to a stellar mass of 1e10 solar masses.



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