SHINING, the Survey with Herschel of the ISM in Nearby INfrared Galaxies, is a Herschel guaranteed time key programme of the PACS consortium. Its aim is to study star formation and activity in infrared bright galaxies (starbursts, AGN, (U)LIRGs, and low metallicity galaxies) at local and intermediate redshifts. The programme consists mostly of a large and coherent spectroscopic and photometric survey with PACS, but also includes some SPIRE photometry.

SHINING was coordinated (in terms of objects and positions) with two SPIRE key programmes on nearby infrared bright galaxies and on low metallicity galaxies and the HIFI key programme HEXGAL on the ISM in nearby galactic nuclei.

Main highlights from the SHINING project are the first detection of massive molecular outflows and negative AGN feedback in ULIRGs, the first detection of high-J CO lines and interpretation of the high-J CO line SEDs in galaxies, and the detection of a general far-infrared line deficit (in analogy of the [CII] deficit) in ULIRGs and its use as a diagnostic of the mode of star formation in nearby and high redshift galaxies.

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