Publications of Murray Brightman

Conference Paper (4)

Conference Paper
Buchner, J.; Georgakakis, A.; Nandra, K.; Brightman, M.; Menzel, M.-L.; Liu, Z.; Hsu, L.-T.; Salvato, M.; Rangel, C.; Aird, J.: The Compton-thick Growth of Supermassive Black Holes constrained. In: The X-ray Universe 2017: Proceedings of the conference held 6-9 June, 2017 in Rome, Italy, p. 48 (Eds. Ness, J.-U.; Migliari, S.). The X-ray Universe 2017, Rome, Italy, June 06, 2017 - June 09, 2017. EAS Publication Division, Nordwijk (2017)
Conference Paper
Brightman, M.; Nandra, K.: Compton thick AGN in Chandra sureys. In: Multiwavelength AGN Surveys and Studies ( IAU Symposium 304 ), pp. 153 - 154 (Eds. Mickaelian, A. M.; Sanders, D. B.). 304th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Yerevan, Armenia, October 07, 2013 - October 11, 2013. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK (2014)
Conference Paper
Akylas, A.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Georgakakis, A.; Brightman, M.; Nandra, K.: An online tool for fitting the X-ray background and estimating the contribution of Compton-thick AGN. In: X-ray astronomy: towards the next 50 years!, pp. 679 - 682 (Eds. Trinchieri, G.; Della Ceca, R.). X-ray astronomy: towards the next 50 years! , Milan, Italy, October 01, 2012 - October 05, 2012. (2013)

Working Paper (1)

Working Paper
Georgakakis, A.; Carrera, F.; Lanzuisi, G.; Brightman, M.; Buchner, J.; Aird, J.; Page, M.; Cappi, M.; Afonso, J.; Alonso-Herrero, A. et al.; Ballo, L.; Barcons, X.; Ceballos, M. T.; Comastri, A.; Georgantopoulos, I.; Mateos, S.; Nandra, K.; Rosario, D.; Salvato, M.; Schawinski, K.; Severgnini, P.; Vignali, C.: Understanding the build-up of supermassive black holes and galaxies at the heyday of the Universe. The hot and energetic universe (2013), 9 pp.
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