Publications of Karsten Kretschmer

Conference Paper (17)

Conference Paper
Wunderer, C. B.; Boggs, S. E.; Kalemci, E.; Smith, D.; Kretschmer, K.; Diehl, R.; Hartmann, D. H.: A preliminary exposure-map based comparision of SPI and RHESSI 26 Al flux measurements. In: INTEGRAL Science Workshop, pp. 909 - 913 (Ed. Battrick, B.). Proceedings of the 5th INTEGRAL Workshop, Munich, Germany, February 16, 2004 - February 20, 2004. ESA Publications Division, Noordwijk, Netherlands (2004)
Conference Paper
Cerviño, M.; Diehl, R.; Kretschmer, K.; Plüschke, S.: Radioactive isotopes in star forming regions. Astronomy with Radioactivities III: Proceedings of the International Workshop held at Ringberg Castle of the Max Planck Gesellschaft, Ringberg Castle, Germany, 2001-05. New Astronomy Reviews 46 (8-10), pp. 541 - 545 (2002)
Conference Paper
Plüschke, S.; Cerviño, M.; Diehl, R.; Kretschmer, K.; Hartmann, D. H.; Knödlseder, J.: Understanding 26Al emission from Cygnus. Astronomy with Radioactivites III: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Ringberg Castle, Germang, 2001-05. New Astronomy Reviews 46 (8-10), pp. 535 - 539 (2002)
Conference Paper
Hartmann, D. H.; Kretschmer, K.; Diehl, R.: Disturbance ecology from nearby supernovae. In: Nuclear Astrophysics, pp. 154 - 163 (Eds. Hillebrandt, W.; Müller, E.). Nuclear Astrophysics, Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee, Germany, February 11, 2002 - February 16, 2002. Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Garching (2002)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Kretschmer, K. A.: High-resolution spectroscopy of astrophysical gamma-ray lines. Dissertation, 108 pp., Technische Universität München, München, Germany (2011)
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