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Conference Paper
Bartko, H.; Gillessen, S.; Rabien, S.; Thiel, M.; Gräter, A.; Haug, M.; Kellner, S.; Eisenhauer, F.; Lacour, S.; Straubmeier, C. et al.; Berger, J.-P.; Jocou, L.; Chibani, W.; Lüst, S.; Moch, D.; Pfuhl, O.; Fabian, W.; Araujo-Hauck, C.; Perraut, K.; Brandner, W.; Perrin, G.; Amorim, A.: The fringe detection laser metrology for the GRAVITY interferometer at the VLTI. In: Optical and Infrared Interferometry II, 773421, pp. 1 - 18 (Eds. Danchi, W. C.; Delplancke, F.; Rajagopal, J. K.). Optical and Infrared Interferometry II , San Diego, CA, USA, June 27, 2010 - July 02, 2010. (2010)
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