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Jeon, J.; Klaempfl, T. G.; Zimmermann, J. L.; Morfill, G. E.; Shimizu, T.: Sporicidal properties from surface micro-discharge plasma under different plasma conditions at different humidities. New Journal of Physics 16, 103007 (2014)
Journal Article
Shimizu, S.; Barczyk, S.; Rettberg, P.; Shimizu, T.; Klaempfl, T.; Zimmermann, J. L.; Hoeschen, T.; Linsmeier, C.; Weber, P.; Morfill, G. E. et al.; Thomas, H. M.: Cold atmospheric plasma – a new technology for spacecraft component decontamination. Planetary and Space Science 90, pp. 60 - 71 (2014)
Journal Article
Boxhammer, V.; Morfill, G. E.; Jokipii, J. R.; Shimizu, T.; Klämpfl, T.; Li, Y.-F.; Köritzer, J.; Schlegel, J.; Zimmermann, J. L.: Bactericidal action of cold atmospheric plasma in solution. New Journal of Physics 14 (11), 113042, pp. 1 - 18 (2012)
Journal Article
Isbary, G.; Heinlin, J.; Shimizu, T.; Zimmermann, J. L.; Morfill, G.; Schmidt, H.-U.; Monetti, R.; Steffes, B.; Bunk, W.; Li, Y. et al.; Klaempfl, T.; Karrer, S.; Landthaler, M.; Stolz, W.: Successful and safe use of 2 min cold atmospheric argon plasma in chronic wounds: results of a randomized controlled trial. British Journal of Dermatology 167 (2), pp. 404 - 410 (2012)
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