Our field of competence includes:

The system engineering and PA/QA

  • The supporting detailed planning of the project phases, the definition of work structures and work packages, support for tenders, the technical management of external contractors and partners and the definition and control of the appropriate interface.

The concept development (System and interpretation)

  • the implementation of the scientific user requirements into technical specifications, considering the particularly difficult conditions such as zero gravity, vacuum and low temperatures while maintaining opto mechanical precision, stability, and optical quality
  • the evaluation and analysis of the physical and technical feasibility of the scientific experiment by means of analysis and the study of the uses of new or developing technologies
  • the construction and testing of prototypes and demonstrators

The strength calculations and thermodynamic simulation

  • the structural stress analysis of instruments and components, E.g. load analysis for the rocket launch, as well as the analysis of thermo mechanical behaviour using FEE methods

The engineering, the design and mechanical design

  • the proper construction-technical execution of mechanical design in close cooperation and arrangement with our national and international partners and organizations such as ESA, ESO, DLR, NASA, and the air and aerospace industry using 2D/3D CAD systems
  • the creation of production drawings

The procurement, integration, verification, and testing (AIV), commissioning

  • the preparation, tendering, procurement, coordination and production services in cooperation with our own workshops and external high-tech companies
  • together with our workshops, tool integration in our integration and clean rooms or on-site at the satellite integration or the large telescopes
  • Support the testing and verification (E.g. vibration tests and thermal / vacuum tests, functional tests) in our in-house Central test facilities and laboratories


  • Student internships, diploma students


Our core competencies include the following technical disciplines:

  • Opto-mechanics and mechatronics, sensor technology: satellite instruments for astronomy, telescope Instrumentation
  • Cryogenics and vacuum technology: Development and design of cryostat with liquid nitrogen, helium and chillers
  • Process and materials science: extreme lightweight, surfaces and joining technology
  • Structural and thermal analyses
  • Characterization of HW, AIV and test
  • The product safety and quality management
  • System design and engineering
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