Girls' Day

Girls' Day

Due to the Corona situation, the Girls' Day will take place completely online on April 28, 2022!

November 22, 2021
For many years now, the MPE has participated in the annual Girls' Day. This event gives girls the opportunity to gain insight into scientific studies and technical careers.

Gazing into a Hot and Cold Universe

You all know the stars and might even have seen the white band of the Milky Way on a clear night. Present-day astronomical instruments produce not only impressive images of the night sky but also reveal more and more details about the various objects in space: stars, gas clouds, near and far galaxies. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) build some of these instruments and analyze their data.

During Girls` Day, which will take place completely online again this year, astrophysicists will explain our understanding of the Universe and will present some insights into the daily work of a researcher at different stations.

The program will be mainly in German. However, as we are an international Institute, parts of the program will be in English. In addition, you should bring along a keen interest in astronomy, physics and technology. We are looking forward to seeing you!
Please note:  

Recommended age: 14-16 

Places are limited, please register via the official Girls` Day website. Please fill in all the fields in the registration form.

For this online event we will use the Zoom video communication system.

Duration of event:

9:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs

Registration is possible until April 26 via the Girls' Day registration portal only.

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