On 11 November 2011 the MPE and many other Max Planck Institutes joined the celebrations for the 100-year anniversary of the Max Planck Society with special events for students. This year commemorates the founding of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gesellschaft in 1911, which was succeeded by the Max Planck Society in 1948.

The Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics participated in this nation-wide activity with a programme for high-school students, where they learned about the astronomical research and work environment at our institute. After a short overview of the research topics, the more than 100 students from six schools spread throughout Bavaria could interview a panel of young scientists about their experiences and every day work at an astronomical institute.

Fortunately, experts were on hand during the astroquiz to help with tricky questions.

The feedback to the subsequent tours to individual groups and departments was unanimous: very interesting, but too short! In the following astroquiz, there were many lively discussions about various topics, which also had to be cut short as time was running out. "Experts" for a broad range of astronomical issues certainly would come in handy in school as well!

A scale model of the solar system on toilet paper - the students calculated and measured eagerly.
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