eROSITA Advent Calendar

Navigating the X-ray sky
The Shapley Supercluster seen in the eROSITA all-sky survey
eROSITA's sparkling sky: the particle background
Operating eROSITA on-board SRG
The eROSITA cameras
eROSITA Mirrors
The eFEDS Supercluster
A young quasar
Vela and Friends
Calibrating eROSITA
A weird, large amplitude X-ray flare in the nucleus of a galaxy
ROSAT - The father of X-ray surveys
eROSITA finds large-scale bubbles in the halo of the Milky Way
A giant dust scattering ring
Study for Dark Matter and Dark Energy funded by ERC
Introducing eROSITA on SRG
SRG/eROSITA completes its second all-sky survey
Revealing the Beauty of the Hidden Universe: eROSITA sees first light
A supermassive black hole dims its X-ray lights
The Dark Universe
The supernova remnant N132D in the LMC
A supergiant fast X-ray transient in the LMC
Longest intergalactic gas filament discovered
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