Caroline Herschel Medal awarded to Linda J. Tacconi

Today the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) and the German Astronomical Society (Astronomische Gesellschaft, AG) announced that Linda Tacconi from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching (MPE), Germany, receives the 2024 Caroline Herschel Medal, their joint award. The medal recognizes her world-leading observational studies of the cosmic evolution of dense, star-forming molecular gas in galaxies, as well as her unique contributions to international leadership in astronomy, and service to the European astronomical community. more

eROSITA Cosmology Presskit

February 14, 2024

Here you can find images and graphics for download for the cosmology results from the first eROSITA sky-survey data release.
You are free to use the visuals for your own eROSITA reporting, please give the appropriate credit with each visual. more

eROSITA relaxes cosmological tension<br> 

Results from the first X-ray sky survey resolve the previous inconsistency between competing measurements of the structure of the Universe

eRASS1 Presskit

January 31, 2024

Here you can find images and graphics for download for the first eROSITA sky-survey data release (eRASS1).
You are free to use the visuals for your own eROSITA reporting, please give the appropriate credit with each visual. more

The X-ray sky opens to the world<br /> 

First eROSITA sky-survey data release makes public the largest ever catalogue of high-energy cosmic sources more

Weighing a Black Hole in the early universe

With the upgraded GRAVITY-instrument at the ESO VLTI, a team of astronomers led by the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics has determined the mass of a Black Hole in a galaxy only 2 billion years after the Big Bang. With 300 million solar masses, the black hole is actually under-massive compared to the mass of its host galaxy, indicating that at least for some systems there might be a delay between the growth of the galaxy and its central black hole. more

Webb shines light on early interstellar grain growth

In a groundbreaking study, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) observed the early stages of the growth of dust grains in the dense Chamaeleon I cloud. These cold dust grains have accumulated molecular solids on their surface early in the process leading to star formation, challenging previous assumptions on where and when grain growth occurs. The findings indicate that the growth of these „icy grains” begins even before the protostellar phase. This not only sheds light on the intricacies of grain evolution before the birth of stars and planets but also poses challenges for chemical abundance determination due to the deformation of observed profiles. more

New wide-field X-ray mission will revolutionise search for transient high-energy events

The X-ray satellite “Einstein Probe” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was launched successfully from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China on a Long March-2C rocket on January 9th, 2024. Equipped with cutting-edge X-ray mirrors and detectors, with major contributions from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE), the spacecraft will start a new era in high-energy time-domain astrophysics, with a particular focus on highly variable and short-lived phenomena associated with black holes and neutron stars in our Milky Way and distant galaxies. more

eROSITA finds hot gas all around the Milky Way – closer than expected

A new all-sky map by the eROSITA telescope reveals X-rays emitted by million-degree hot plasma in and around the Milky Way. Analysing this data, the team at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics found that the very hot, ionized gas shows a disk-like distribution similar to the stellar disk, possibly embedded in a much larger spherical halo. This discovery sheds light on the shape and size of a large portion of the Milky Way circumgalactic medium, providing a large reservoir of gas to fuel future star formation. more

ELT Time Capsule Ceremony

ELT Time Capsule Ceremony

December 12, 2023

Go behind the scenes at the ceremony of burying a time capsule in the wall of the ESO's ELT dome. The event was led by ESO Council President Linda Tacconi (Germany) and Vice-President Mirjam Lieshout-Vijverberg (The Netherlands). more

eROSITA First Data Release planned for January 31<sup>st</sup>

Today, the German eROSITA collaboration announced their intention to release publicly their share of the data and catalogs from the first 6-month sky survey taken with the eROSITA X-ray telescope, which will then be available to astronomers world-wide. more

Euclid space telescope delivers first scientific images

MPE researchers are excited and are eagerly awaiting the first results. more

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