PACS Instrument Design

A summary of the design of the instrument, and a description of its observing modes and calibration are given in Poglitsch et al. 2010

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Integral Field Spectrometer

Simultaneous 57-105 & 105-210 µm spectroscopy. 47 ”x47 ” (5x5 pixels) FOV rearranged via an image slicer on two 16x25 Ge:Ga detector arrays. λ/Δλ ~ 1500 Sensitivity: ~5E-18 W/m^2 (5&#963, 1h)

Imaging Photometer

Simultaneous two-band (same FOV) 60-85 µm or 85-130 µm and 130-210 µm imaging. Two filled bolometer arrays:32x16 and 64x32 pixels Point source detection limit: ~3mJy (5σ, 1h)
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