Science with PACS

The opening of the 60-210 µm window by PACS to sensitive photometry and spectroscopy at high spatial resolution allows to address a wide range of key questions of current astrophysics concerning the origins of stars, planetary systems, galaxies, and the evolution of the Universe.

PACS has also been an important driver for other projects, such as JWST in the near/mid IR or ALMA in the mm domain, and for the planning of future space missions in the mid/far IR.

The key science projects  of the MPE IR group with PACS are covered in the three GTO projects PEP, SHINING, and WISH.

Herschel paints new story of galaxy evolution

The Rosette molecular cloud seen by Herschel

Herschel's population of trans-Neptunian objects

Raging storms sweep away galactic gas

Herschel-PACS image of water in proto-stellar systems

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