The PARSEC team comprises to a large extent of people who worked on the ALFA system, both from Garching and Heidelberg. Because the team is very small, the roles given are only representative.

current members     past members
MPE link R. Davies Project Leader J. Li Laser Physicist
link S. Rabien Laser Physcist W. Zaglauer Mechanics
link T. Ott Software R. Abuter Software
link S. Kellner Electronics
S. Huber Mechanics
MPIA external link S. Hippler Co-Leader external link D. Butler link LIDAR
U. Neumann Software

We are working closely with the LGSF team at ESO, so that PARSEC can be integrated into the LGSF as easily and seamlessly as possible. For a list of ESO members, please see the LGSF pages.

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