Angie Veronica

"It is fascinating to work with the largest laboratory provided by the Universe itself"

June 28, 2021

My name is Angie Veronica, a PhD candidate in the Dark Energy group led by Prof. Reiprich at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy of the University of Bonn. I am from Indonesia and I came to Germany to pursue higher education. I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Leipzig University. During my last year of bachelor's, I got the chance to learn about Astrophysics formally. Afterwards, I did my master’s degree in Astrophysics at the University of Bonn, where I learnt about X-ray observations and more specifically about galaxy clusters.

I love Astrophysics because it gives me an opportunity to study the Universe and various objects and phenomena in it. It combines various branches of science and it makes me think about how things one cannot even see with naked eyes work. Also, it is fascinating that I get to work with the largest laboratory provided by the Universe itself.

Galaxy clusters and AGN are my main interests. Currently, I am working with the eROSITA Performance Verification data of the Abell 3391 and 3395 galaxy cluster system. One project I work on focuses on a galaxy cluster in the north of the A3391/95 system, called the Northern Clump. This cluster has just entered the atmosphere of the A3391 cluster and it resides in a filament. It has an interesting boxy shape and a gas tail, which could be a result of ram-pressure stripping as it moves with the filament towards the A3391 cluster. To study various aspects and details of the Northern Clump, we also employ data from another X-ray observatories (XMM-Newton and Chandra) and other observatories of different wavelengths (ASKAP/EMU radio data, DECam optical data, and Plank-y map).

Thanks to eROSITA, we discovered some new structures in the A3391/95 system, one of which is gas filaments observed in the outskirts of the system. So for the next months, the outskirts of the A3391/95 system will be my focus.

I enjoy reading and writing, particularly novels and poetries. I also love travelling and visiting some historical sites, museums, and art galleries. The latest hobbies I picked up are tennis and acrylic painting.

All the decisions I made have brought me here today and I am happy with where I am. So, I would not change anything at all. I think it is important to trust yourself, believe in what you are doing, and never stop trying.

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