Teng Liu

"The full-sky X-ray catalog provided by eROSITA will be an important legacy for future missions."

June 28, 2021

My name is Teng Liu. I am from China. I studied at the University of Science and Technology of China since 2003, first in its School of Gifted Young and then in the Department of Astronomy, where I got my doctor's degree in 2013. I used to study and work at the Observatory of Trieste, Italy, for two years (2010-2012) and at the University of Massachusetts, USA, for one year (2016-2017). Then I came to MPE in 2017 in order to work on eROSITA.

I am interested in the X-ray properties of AGN and galaxy clusters. I worked on a few X-ray surveys, including the X-ray cluster survey from the Swift-XRT archive, the XMM-Newton SDSS-RM field survey, and the AGN spectral properties in the 7Ms Chandra deep field south survey. I am currently working with the eROSITA AGN group, leading the X-ray imaging work package.

Future Projects
Compared with eROSITA, future X-ray missions will allow better spatial resolution, better spectral resolution, better capability of timing analysis, or a new window of X-ray polarimetry, e.g., Lynx, Athena, EP, eXTP, HUBS. But the characteristic of eROSITA is unique. The full-sky X-ray catalog provided by eROSITA will be an important legacy for all these future missions.

Funny Stories
In 2009, Google organized a designing competition among students in Chinese universities. I won the second prize. But sadly, Google left China soon after that.

When I don't do science, I like playing with my daughter.

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