Birgit Fuhrmeister

"My scientific interest is about active stars"

June 28, 2021

My name is Birgit Fuhrmeister and I work as a postdoc at Hamburg observatory. After school, I started working as a bank clerk and then noticed that I missed physics to much to go on with that. So after finishing the apprenticeship in the bank I started to study mathematics and physics for being a teacher. Just for fun I attended a lecture about astrophysics, got stuck there and finished my PhD in 2005.

My scientific interest is about active stars, especially M dwarfs. eROSTIA we used to compare coronal and chromospheric data of a sample of F to M type stars. The project is special because of the effort to obtain pseudo-simultaneous chromospheric data with the robotic TIGRE telescope located in Mexico.

I have three kids, that‘s enough of a hobby, but I also play different types of recorders and a little bit piano and since Christmas I try to learn clarinette.

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