SPectrometer for Infrared Faint Field Imaging

Short Description:

SPIFFI is a fully cryogenic, near infrared, integral field spectrometer. Together with an adaptive optics system, build by ESO, it forms SINFONI (SINgle Faint Object Near-infrared Investigation), an adaptive optics assisted near infrared integral field spectrometer for the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope.
SPIFFI is the first instrument to provide integral field spectroscopic capabilities in the near infrared at ESO VLT. It takes 1024 spectra simultaneously, arranged in a 32x32 pixel format with a moderate spectral resolution between ~1000 and ~3300. The operating wavelength range is from 1.1 - 2.45 microns, covering the J, H and K windows.

Project Type:

Instrument for ground-based telescope

MPE Contribution:

SPIFFI was build exclusively by MPE


SPIFFI and SINFONI were first mounted at the Cassegrain focus of Yepun UT4 in 2004.


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