Advanced Telescope for High-energy Astrophysics

Short Description:

Athena is a new X-ray observatory whose science theme 'The Hot end Energetic Universe' was accepted in November  2013 by ESA's Science Programme Committee as one of the the next two large satellite missions with launch date in 2028.  Athena will host two main scientific instruments, a DePFET based Wide Field Imager and an high-spectral resolution X-ray calorimeter, and will provide an unprecedented view into the X-ray Universe.

Project Type:

Instrument for satellite

MPE Involvement:

MPE is a leading member of the international Athena consortium and is responsible for the development of the Wide Field Imager.


In early planning phase.


MPE press release of November 28, 2013

ATHENA pages at MPE

ATHENA pages of the collaboration

High-Energy Astrophysics (web pages of the MPE department involved in the project)

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