Optical Pulsar TIMing Analyzer

Short Description:

OPTIMA is a high-speed photoncounter which is used to measure (Gamma-ray) interesting objects, especially pulsars with high time resolution (10-6 s.) and high sensitivity.

Meanwhile it is used to observe also other rapid variable objects (e.g. Cataclysmic Variables or Gamma Ray Burst afterglows) from observatories world wide.

Project Type:

Instrument for ground-based teleskopes.

OPTIMA is mobile and can be used at a variety of telescopes.

MPE Contribution:

The instrument was developed and built entirely at MPE and is continually improved.


The first use of OPTIMA at a large telescope was 1999/2000 at the 3.5 m telescope at Calar Alto.

Since then the instrument has been used once or twice a year at telescopes world wide.

Currently a campaign is prepared for observations in summer 2013 at Skinakas Observatory, Crete.


OPTIMA pages at MPE

High-Engergy Astrophysics (web pages of the MPE department involved in the project)

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