eROSITA Technical Performance

The eROSITA Instrument


The picture shows a schematic view of the telescope. eROSITA consists of seven identical and co-aligned X-ray Mirror Assemblies (MA) housed in a common optical bench. The supporting telescope structure consists of a system of carbon fibre honeycomb panels connecting the seven MAs on one side with the associated seven Camera Assemblies (CA) on the other side. A hexapod structure forms the mechanical interface to the S/C bus. The seven individual Telescope Modules (TM) are arranged in a hexagonal shape. Two starsensors (Sodern SED26) are mounted on eROSITA. They belong to the attitude system of the S/C but serve also for a determination of the boresight. The dimensions of the telescope structure are approximately 1.9 m (diameter) × 3.2 m (height in launch configuration, with closed front cover). The total weight of eROSITA is 808 kg (From Predehl et al. 2021).

eROSITA response matrices based on ground calibration measurements.

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