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eROSITA Bulletin No.1 (July 2012)
eROSITA Bulletin No.2 (November 2012)
eROSITA Bulletin No.3 (May 2013)
eROSITA Bulletin No.4 (February 2014)
eROSITA Bulletin No.5 (November 2014)
eROSITA Bulletin No.6 (July 2015)
eROSITA Bulletin No.7 (April 2016)
 eROSITA Flyer
    (2011; pdf; in English)
 eROSITA Flyer
    (2011; pdf; auf Deutsch)
 eROSITA Mission Definition Document (2005)
    (pdf; 5 MB)
eROSITA Background
    (2013; v12; pdf; in English)


Recent in ADS
eROSITA Science Book: Mapping the Structure of the Energetic Universe, A. Merloni, P. Predehl, W. Becker, H. Boehringer, T. Boller, H. Brunner, M. Brusa, K. Dennerl, M. Freyberg, P. Friedrich, A. Georgakakis, F. Haberl, G. Hasinger, N. Meidinger, J. Mohr, K. Nandra, A. Rau, T.H. Reiprich, J. Robrade, M. Salvato, A. Santangelo, M. Sasaki, A. Schwope, J. Wilms, the German eROSITA Consortium, eROSITA science book, arXiv:1209.3114, 2012.
eROSITA on SRG Predehl et al., Proceedings of the X-ray surveys 2009 meeting, Bologna, September 7-11 2009.


 First International eROSITA conference, October 17-20, 2011

Second SRG/eROSITA International conference, Kazan, Russia, September 3-7, 2012

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