eROSITA Working Groups

eROSITA science exploitation is organized in a number of “Working Groups” (WG). The WG regulate and coordinate access to eROSITA_DE proprietary data products, and approve and coordiante scientific publications. WGs are also responsible for recommending new members, as well as External Collaborators, to the PI and the Project Scientist, who, in turn, provide overall coordination of the WGs.

Below the list of the eROSITA_DE Working Groups and their respective chair persons.

Clusters and Cosmology
E. Bulbul (MPE)

AGN, Blazars:
K. Nandra (MPE)

Normal Galaxies:
F. Haberl (MPE)  

Compact objects:
A. Schwope (AIP)

J. Robrade (UHH)

Solar System:
K. Dennerl (MPE)

Diffuse emission, SNR:
M. Sasaki (FAU) 

Time Domain Astrophysics:
J. Wilms (FAU)

Data analysis, source extraction, catalogs:
Miriam Ramos-Ceja (MPE)

Multi-wavelength follow-up:
M. Salvato (MPE)

K. Dennerl (MPE)

M. Freyberg (MPE)

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