eROSITA Picture Gallery

Figure 1: Back in 2012 the telescope support structure (equipped mainly with dummy mirror modules and cameras) was ready for a first series of tests. Here you see a preliminary inspection. The PI Peter Predehl holds the ladder! (MPE)

Figure 2: At the IABG  test facility, near Munich, the entire telescope (about 800 kilos of it) was brought into horizontal position to measure its mass and moment of inertia.(MPE)

Figure 3: At the heart of the eROSITA telescope are seven mirror modules and seven pnCCD cameras, which inherited the technological developments of XMM-Newton. Here you see a mirror module (fabricated at Media Lario in Italy) and a full camera assembly (MPE).

Figure 4: In June 2015, during an 'Open Day' at MPE, we showed  the real eROSITA flight hardware to the public's amazement (Credit: P. Friedrich, MPE)

Figure 5: More than 1.6km of cables had to be arranged in the focal plane of eROSITA, for the nine electronic boxes (7 cameras and 2 controllers). We built a 1-1 wooden model of the telescope for accurate modelling of the harnesses. (Credit: MPE)

Figure 6: In spring 2016, the flight model of the telescope was finally integrated, one mirror module and one camera assembly at the time. (Credit: MPE)

Figure 11: In December 2016 we were back at IABG for the final space qualification test campaign for eROSITA.(Credit MPE)

Figure 12: Just like highly trained surgeons, working with precision tools on the exposed 'belly' of the eROSITA telescope. (Credit MPE)

Figure 19: In the previous three pictures, the transport of the Proton rocket to the launch-pad in Baikonur. Credit: Roscosmos.

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