Publikationen von Fabio Fumi

Konferenzbeitrag (2)

Klein, R.; Poglitsch, A.; Fumi, F.; Geis, N.; Hamidouch, M.; Hönle, R.; Looney, L.; Raab, W.; Viehhauser, W.: Real-time operation without real-time operating system for instrument control and data aquisition. In: Advanced software, control and communication systems, S. 138 - 145 (Hg. Lewis, H.; Raffi, G.). Advanced software, control and communication systems, Glasgow, United Kingdom, 21. Juni 2004 - 25. Juni 2004. SPIE, Bellingham (2004)
Looney, L. W.; Raab, W.; Poglitsch, A.; Geis, N.; Rosenthal, D.; Hönle, R.; Klein, R.; Fumi, F.; Genzel, R.; Henning, T.: FIFI LS: a far-infrared 3D spectral imager for SOFIA. In: Airborne Telescope System II, S. 47 - 55 (Hg. Melugin, R. K.; Röser, H.-P.). Airborne Telescope System II, Waikoloa, 27. August 2002 - 28. August 2002. SPIE, Bellingham (2003)
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